Friday, 4 January 2013

Upcycling smart phones

Life is such a fast pace now and you carry quite possibly your whole life within your smart phone, I know I do, it is essential for my blogging and my family life. The husband the technology guru has an Apple I phone 4 and he swears by it. I am limping up the rear with an Sony Esrricson ARC S with a super spy quality camera and I have been very pleased with so far until little glitches started appearing on it for example as I use twitter a bit lot some of the pictures have taken to doing a John Travolta disco light show on me.

And  sometimes it refuses to type for me whilst I suspect this could be writer block I am not entirely convinced  so whilst perusing twitter amidst one of my phone disco diva fits I came across this deal from Vodafone that was mentioned by T3

Upcycling smart phones

So will I jump into the fray and purchase such a deal even though my upgrade is 6 months away you know what I just might.

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